Client Questionnaire

Client Questionnaire

Names of Family Members Attending the Session? (or any other extra people at the session, pets etc.) 

If your session is for a Child, what are their ages? 

Tell me about your family. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to incorporate into the photos?

Tell me about your children. Do they have any favourite toys or activities? Describe their personalities.


Describe the ideal mood for your photos…edgy, urban, day at the park, cute, serious, mysterious or something else.

Do you have any specific expectations you’d like me to know about? 

What is your highest priority of the session  – a perfect shot of the whole family? A sweet shot of just the kids? (Of course we will try to get it all, but if you had to choose the one SURE THING.) 

Do you tend to favour more traditional shots with everyone posed and looking at the camera, or more interactive images? (or both) 

Do you have in mind how you plan to showcase your images? Large wall hangings, canvases, wall groupings, albums, or smaller prints? 

Is There Any Particular Editing Style You Like? (Black & White, Sepia, Full Vibrant Colour, Warm etc..) 

Would you like to have special effects added to some or all of your photographs? (Blurring, Fading, Splash etc..)


s there anything else you would like me to know, that will help make your session memorable? 

I’d love to know how you heard about me and why you chose Snapz Photographic Services. 

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